Counselors' Connection



Velindia Lucas, 7th Grade Counselor

Coronda Raven, 8th Grade Counselor

Silvia Sanchez, Secretary

Welcome to a new and exciting year of explorations and learning!  Throughout the year our focus and dedication will be to building strong relationships with our students, faculty, parents and the community.  The  four essential strands of counseling are: providing a comprehensive and developmental Guidance Curriculum to our students; providing Responsive Services for counseling to our students when appropriate; reviewing and scheduling Individual Planning for scheduling and planning for career goals; as well as offering support services under the System Support component.   

To receive counseling services under the Responsive Services component, counselors are requesting that parents sign and return the Informed Consent/Acknowledgement Form for Counseling available in the Counselor's office.  Our doors are open between the hours of 7:30a.m. and 3:00p.m.  We look forward to developing strong partnerships with you as the district continues its pursuit toward a world-class school district.    


                                     Life Affirmations:

¨ Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.  Barbara A. Robinson (and others)
¨ Never, never, never give up.  Winston Churchill
¨ Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss it, at least you will land amongst the stars.  Les Brown